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Logical Core



The Core Chapters.pdf

 Use the above links to view and/or download  early drafts of the first few chapters of 'The Road to Reality', listed as 'The Core Chapters'. This is quite an old draft, but does include the basic ideas about the logical system. Please respect the fact that this is original work not yet in the public domain as a finished product. Choose an appropriate right-click menu option to save a copy of this pdf file.

"Come to the window ... Look up, what do you see?" Nothing. Just a bunch of stars! " Ha, ha, ha ... beautiful ... beautiful. In your hand, I have placed a key." [Circa 1988; The author and his teacher]

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Completing Astrology

The writing/research project currently entitled 'The Road to Reality' (formerly, The Foundations of Astrology/Logic of Life) grew out of attempts to find the rational core of Astrology. Like most people involved with Astrology, I gave it a look and found it personally instructive, but also frustrating for its lack of a solid philosophical foundation. So, I set about finding a coherent set of basic principles, assisted by an understanding of that ancient tradition Kabbalah and, of course, the structures of Western Astrology. Having satisfied myself that Astrology is an internally consistent system based on the logic of organisation, I realised that this ancient art pointed to a deep and real connection between the material world and the evolution of Human Life. The insights gained from an understanding of Astrology, and by implication the living, organisational dynamic that gives rise to astrological effects, are potentially world-changing. This website is dedicated to communicating that understanding and those insights. My name is Henry McArthur, and I have only recently returned (July, 2018) to active participation in this project. Hopefully, this year will see its completion.

Why does Astrology need completing?

The lack of a coherent foundation for Astrology has allowed several anomalies to persist over time. One of these anomalies is structural in nature: the plethora of House Systems - all of them seemingly serviced by the same system of interpretation! In simple terms, their collective existence denies the reality of Astrology. In order to have a basis for deciding between the various systems of chart construction it was necessary to illuminate the logical core of this ancient art, to which its many parts are linked. Using this system we can explain the function of Astrology, and all its parts, much more clearly than has been possible in the past.

Still to this day there are astrologers who assert that Astrology is a complete system, able, on its own, to describe an individuals nature and life-path. This is obvious nonsense - there are not enough 'bits' in Astrology to encode every aspect of even one single moment, never mind a lifetime! Astrology describes only the more visible parts of living organisation, like the tip of an iceberg, and then only in the broadest terms. It is unfortunately true that even Astrology is invisible to most Human minds; that 'Road to Reality' seems to extend a long, long way in to the future.

I've been working with these ideas since 1992. Although a version of this site has been up and running since 2002, it has proved difficult to find many individuals willing to engage in a full discussion of the ideas contained within - Astrologers tend to be accomplished end-users, rather than philosophers who understand the implications of the details 'under the hood'. Of course, without the painstaking historical contributions of 'consulting astrologers' I would not have the raw material to work with. I wish them every success in their own research. The texts I make available for download/perusal are currently being revised and expanded - and made a little more accessible, I hope!

New additions (18th August, 2018) to the downloadable pdf files(lefthand column) include "Introduction" and "Houses101". These are relatively recent short-form descriptions of my own relevant life experience and my explanation of the Equal House System.

Astrology, Religion and Science

Even without a generally established proof of Astrology, the philosophical model developed in the text stands on its own merit. It provides a 'Big Box', a containing philosophy, within which all of Human activity finds its roots – including the activities of the sciences and religions. Put simply, everything we do is contained within, and orchestrated by, the Logic of Life. Seeing the logic behind both science and religion should help pave the way to a more sensible debate on the nature of Human Being and any desirable future. To a Kabbalist, the Tetragrammaton depicts the 'Four Attributes of God'; similarly, the system I call 'The Logic of Life' has Four Principles at its core. These ancient and modern views are of the same living dynamic; each is evidenced in what we call astrological effects.

Arguably, it is in that product of the Judeo-Christian religious tradition, the Holy Bible, that we see the most accessible, and obvious, example of the reality of Astrology. Recalling a radio (UK) conversation with a scientist who, having been asked if he believed in God, replied "Which one? The God of the Old Testament or the God of the New Testament?". Roughly two thousand years ago 'The Age of Aries' gave way to 'The Age of Pisces', when the 'Face of God' changed from that belligerent, insistent, and almost tribal entity, to a much more inclusive and loving being - archetypal Aries to archetypal Pisces. And there is another change beginning in this current era - Pisces to Aquarius. Understanding Astrology's foundation allows the individual to observe this process as it unfolds. Understanding the reality of astrological effects opens up a whole new set of possibilities for Human evolution.

Many working astrologers have found it difficult to recognise their subject in my work, couched as it is in the abstract terms of the Logic of Life. More than once I've had the comment "This is not Astrology!" in my communications with astrologers. In my view, Astrology is the perfect tool for upgrading the thinking skills of the majority. With that in mind, "The Logic ..." can be used as a lesson in how to abstract - how to move from an instinctual mode of thought to a more generalised worldview, able to view the mechanics of life in an increasingly dispassionate, rational way. No parables required! In the broadest terms, this is the shift from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, where a "needful animal" sensibility broadens towards a universal vision of life in which we all can share, as One World.


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